Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Organize Your Linen Closet (And Keep it Organized)



If you’re lucky enough to have a linen closet (extra storage space doesn’t come standard) then you also probably know that linen closets tend to accumulate a lot more than just linens. But that’s okay!
You can organize your linens (plus whatever else is in there) and keep your closet tidy with just a few simple tricks.

How To:

  1. Take Stock

    First things first: you need to take a look at what’s currently inside your linen closet. This is going to help you with the next step. To see what you have, it may be best to take everything out of the closet to get the full picture of what’s hiding in there!
  2. Organize by Importance

    Separate out the items you need and use regularly. Rule of thumb: If you haven’t used the item in the last six months (and it’s not for special occasions) you should toss or donate it!
  3. Keep an Open Mind to Relocating Certain Items

    This tip is especially for larger, bulkier items. Just because it’s a type of linen doesn’t mean it has to go in the linen closet! Store your winter down comforter with the rest of your winter clothes, and keep spare pillows in a spare bedroom closet.
  4. Make the Most of Your Space

    Baskets, adjustable shelves and shelf dividers are great ways to maximize closet space. Plus, don’t forget about the most unused section of any closet: the inside of the door! Hang up a shoe organizer and use it to store cleaning products or cosmetic supplies.
  5. Get Smart with Folding

    Organize your sheets by storing sets in their matching pillowcases. This makes it super easy to find what you’re looking for and keeps things tidy. For dining linens like tablecloths, table runners or placemats, store them in cloth baskets or organize by season.
  6. Solidify Your System with Labels

    Now that your linen closet is so beautifully organized, start labeling where things belong! This will help guests, kids and significant others know exactly where things should go when putting away laundry or toiletries. We like these chalkboard labels for bins and baskets.
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